CC0 Textures


Heads up! I’ll try to move this to a better host in the future.

I spent some time collecting CC0 textures. You may use them for any purpose:

Download from Drive (large, messy version, 5GB zip)

Download from Copy (unpacked, browse or download partially)

I only created some of the textures. I found the other textures on the interwebs, released under the CC0 license.
About Creative Commons Zero

These are only some of the categories:

Grunge and Paint
Manmade and Civilisation
Plants and Greenery
Tech, Future, Metal, Special, Weird


21 thoughts on “CC0 Textures

  1. Site says: Go home, Bandwith exceeded.

    Do you really think we load file by file because you cannot provide a RAR archive ? Funny guy ….

    • Dude, sorry, I don’t. I need to find a place where i can host something and forget about it. That’s why I chose it. Copy is great for syncing local folders but limits the bandwidth. On top of that, my actual texture collection now exceeded 50GBs, the few ones here didn’t do it so I didn’t bother updating it anymore. Check back some time later, maybe I can find a place to host an archive.

  2. Don’t dude me, dude 🙂 Nah, works now and I am in the process of downloading it. Thanks so much. Now I can add your textures to my 50GiG+ collection, yay.

    Again, thnalks a lot !

  3. Yethiel Thanks for these textures.

    The resource was mentioned on a Digital Tutors series – Creating a Realistic Environment in Blender, which I’m guessing may be why you’ll see additional traffic and sometimes exceed the bandwidth here – Being CC0 perhaps others with bandwidth will share alike but you deserve props for spending the time getting it all together and organised – I know myself I have a nightmare finding within my textures what I’m looking for because they’re all over the place!

    Good luck with it all 🙂


  4. Congrats! your textures are mentioned in digital tutors ‘Creating a Realistic Environment in Blender’, downside, i’ve been trying for the last few days to grab a copy of your wonderful texture archive and hit the dreaded ‘bandwidth exceeded’ notice every single time. You have any idea when this counter resets? Willing to set my alarm clock to snatch a copy 🙂 Other options you could consider is maybe google drive , or perhaps posting a torrent?

  5. Many thanks for your work. I´m a Blender fan since 3 years but it is not my profession. So your work save a lot of time for me for my Blender projects.

  6. This is awesome!! Thank you so much. Finding good CC0 textures is so hard, and you have taken the time to organize everything.


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